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released February 11, 2016



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


abbrev Lincoln, UK

Abbrev is a tall creature than can be seen huddled around small glowing screen, nodding its head to hypnotic beats and synthesised waveforms.

Abbrev writes and produces it's tracks single​-hande​dly.

Abbrev likes the basic, yet strange sounds. Abbrev's tracks all seem to start one way and end another. Abbrev likes to experiment and likes to write and record within a week.
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Track Name: Ego Trippin'
Inside my minds eye,
there are fruit flies of wisdom,
vomiting knowledge onto my cortex,
while my ego takes swipes at them

No matter how I try,
I keep getting in the way of truth.
That brain teasing little hussy.
So abstract, beyond, aloof

So I take my brain to another dimension,
somewhere outta space.
I adjourn into a 4d world,
and get totally off my face

I start tripping over balls,
made of psychological Medusas.
Fears that turn me into stone,
as my resolution reduces

I try to rectify this wild ride,
by refocussing my attention.
I Sit, listen to my breath,
and reassert my intention

To void myself of ‘me’ and ‘I’,
Kill my ego, Testify!
Break apart the pieces of me,
before I calcify

I scrape the muck from my skin,
wipe the dirt from eyes.
To reveal nothing underneath,
no ‘me’ for me to find

The skeleton upon which my ego rests,
is nothing more than icon.
I’m just as much the shadows,
as the wall it’s darkness writes on

But then it all unravels,
as you can plainly see.
Because I haven’t reached nirvana
I’ve used the words ‘I’, ‘my’ and ‘Me’

My own mind has
weighed heavy on me
My own mind
never lets me be free

Who I am, what I’ve done
Who I’ve Hurt, what I’ve become

Cause real anguish to me
Wrapped up in negativity
Shut down into the inside of me
Or at least apparently

cos it only appears that way
Pursed lips, fixed stare,
with nothing to say

Yet, inside my skull
a thousand conversations
happen in sync

A kilogram of voices
all telling me
what I should think

But their words aren’t mine
they’re borrowed and blue
I’m wed to the people
their influence, can’t eschew

All that I am
is borrowed

All that I am
I picked up

All that you are
I gave you

All that you are
I lent out

What I give out
I will get back

These voices can be soothing
They can be antagonistic
These voices can be hype men
They can be unrealistic

This population of voices
Is what I call me
Divided into facets
Perhaps even infinitely

That which I say is me
I don’t want any more
No trappings of idenity
Shake me down to just my core

No more investment in missed choices
or advice unheeded
Instead the ability to mould my world
into something that is needed

Ego death
Move my pride
Flip the programme
Wear my brain on the outside

See each moment
as the now
open the eye
between the brow

But with no identity
I have no meaning
without any meaning
how can I say what I’m feeling?

Life is Chaos
Life is Random
Anything is possible
Everything is transient

Basically there’s Choice 1
or choice 2
Do it for us
or do it for you

I comes before We
Except when you see
You have no claim
to superiority

We tell our selves
We indulge in heroism
but we’re villains
of ego hedonism

Viewing yourself honestly
Can breed some real pain
Can breed some self-doubt
Can breed some disdain

For the you that you
didn’t realise that you were
For the things you made happen
and that you let occur

But you’re part of a chain
Not alienated
You’re part of the picture
Not isolated

You exist in a sea of information
with little reason or rhyme
that you try to make sense of
by placing it in time

But time doesn’t exist
it’s just a concept
The ghost of your ego
unwilling to accept

That it died the minute that it was created
It’s necessity in the world has already been sated
as new things happened and a new you was born
Yet still your body, your ego has worn

So kill it off,
separate it by hand
Tear off your shadow
and embrace neverland.